Regan Rant With a Cause, Homeless Direct Street Outreach. Arrest Follow-up

Let’s clear the air. There is no time for quitting. We all must find balance and care for our mental and physical health so that we can be productive in times of need. Where have I been? I’ve been ranting in peace, quiet, and tranquility with a plate of issues to prioritize.

Colorado Domestic Violence and Homelessness

When asked if the eviction was linked with economic abuse, Christopher replied, “Absolutely. Financial abuse is all about power and control, who has access to finances or money when they need it. It can also have long-term impacts on survivors; it can impair their credit to where they may not be able to access safe housing in the future.”

Companies sue Minneapolis, Hennepin County over homeless encampment

Triangle Warehouse, Inc. and Benchmark Logistics, LLC together are a  warehouse and distribution company with facilities located near 37th Avenue Northeast and Technology Drive in Minneapolis. Just behind their facility, between 36th and 37th street, people without homes have set up tents and are residing.

Pushback against Denver homeless initiatives grows, Unlawful

Denver’s camping ban ordinance has withstood several challenges to date. In 2016, a class of people experiencing homelessness filed a lawsuit—Lyall v. City and County of Denver— in federal court contending that the city’s practice of sweeping homeless encampments violated the constitutional rights of homeless people. The case was settled in 2019 just three months before the municipal elections. However, the settlement required Denver to provide at least seven days’ notice before sweeping an encampment and provide a meaningful way for homeless people to recover their confiscated property. 

ACLU Boulder to abandon ‘unconstitutional’ homeless policies, Judges Orders

A federal judge issued a ruling in January that requires Denver city officials to give a written seven days notice before clearing most homeless encampments, or two days’ notice if the area is deemed dangerous to public health and safety.