Meet newly promoted to Assistant Chief of internal affairs of the DFD: Kathleen Vredenburgh. She pulls in a comfortable salary of $141,476.52 after 17 years of “service” and has never even been a firefighter. This means she knows nothing about how fire crews respond to, fires. Her time at station 27 is laughable. She obviously couldn’t cut it so she figured out how to fit in as a bully. Video Credit: Women Firefighters of Denver. Published May 2nd 2021. She also appears to be a female version of a misogynist but hey, who’s keeping score. Denver Fire has had a very poor and undocumented process for addressing citizen complaints until the previous assistant chief, Patrick Hynes, implemented an online process earlier this year for better tracking and accountability to the public. Then somebody made a horrible decision to put this woman in HIS position. Now what we have is a woman on a power trip who apparently has enough seniority to conduct witch hunts on her very own, not investigate complaints at all or with total bias held in secrecy and of course answers to no one. She’s made it clear as day she hates those living homeless and anyone advocating for their survival. This woman thought it was ok to ignore my complaint, ignore my questions, ignore my homeless friend Lee and make a determination that a female firefighter destroying all of Lee’s food on a bogus brush fire call was A-ok. Apparently, no one has to answer to the public if you’re in the top brass of DFD administration. This woman also gets to throw commendations in the trash and is wholly supported by her female boss – the Chief of administration – Wendi Moeder. We’ll eventually get to know her too. Let’s be honest- there is a lot of love for a REAL first responder that shows up to save lives, not destroy them. Denver Fire has some upstanding men in this department. Where’s their FB page? Denver Fire undoubtedly also has some courageous, strong and intelligent women in their department. This woman sure as HE-double hockey sticks- is NOT one of them. But hey, who’s keeping score Women Firefighters of Denver? I’m absolutely captivated by her dialogue in her silly video: “It was not a session for us to create an environment where what we are doing is going to be at the cost of anyone else, because that would not be the goal, it is only the goal that we do what we can to rise ourselves up as a gender and create an environment where we would be inviting other women to want to take part in” If this is the kind of environment created for women that sign up to help people; hopefully they see this video first and seek employment elsewhere because this woman is going to turn other women into a bully and NOBODY likes a bully. If you’d like to know more about Lee and this story: