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Let’s clear the air. There is no time for quitting. We all must find balance and care for our mental and physical health so that we can be productive in times of need. Where have I been? I’ve been ranting in peace, quiet, and tranquility with a plate of issues to prioritize.

This is not a complaining rant. This is an awareness rant.

I believe we ALL must call upon ourselves to our civic duty of keeping our government in check. We’re failing because people will not get off their asses and DO THINGS. This is one issue. There are a million more to choose from. But it’s a MAJOR issue that’s full steam ahead with ZERO ends in sight.

Direct street outreach with the homeless.

Because I took the time to understand and ACT with what is going on with homelessness in Denver, I have the following to offer. One’s survival FREE OF PROSECUTION from an oppressive government is a very simple and basic right people BETTER understand. Understand this as shit continues to hit the fan in this free country headed into economic collapse with this continued partisan divide. WE HAVE ALLOWED GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL EVERY SINGLE THING IN OUR LIVES. Now, we’re moving into the phase of government deciding who lives and dies. You know exactly what I’m talking about if you’re honest.

Homelessness IS NOT a partisan issue, yet the masses keep demanding that it be one. The masses also remain wholly detached from the DIRECT contact needed to understand the complexities of transitional and chronic homelessness. HOMELESSNESS IS INCREASING EVERYWHERE! No, not just in Democrat-controlled areas. Shocker eh? Fact.

There are MANY reasons for homelessness. You can have your opinion. But the truth remains; they are people. People behind the 8 ball mostly without a single ounce of support to even know how to turn their lives around, if they wanted to. There are newly homeless. There will continue to be homeless families, vets, seniors, children…. ALL COLORS, RACES, AND FLAVORS OF PEOPLE. Not just some marginalized factions of society. Criminals, those committing violent and property crimes, live homeless too. Yes, that’s a fact. People that have served their criminal sentences, never committing a single crime again, will live homeless forever because WE MADE IT THAT WAY. I and my non-profit are directly in the eye of an intense storm right now. I’m the ONLY balance in a metro area of less government action equals more people action. I’ve had some PROFOUND effects DIRECTLY impacting individuals living homeless. Meaning: as one person, I’ve been instrumental in taking 3 people off of the streets in less than a year with a little over $10k in donations. It’s simple: anyone can do it better than the government if they want to. It’s a no-brainer to take $1 and spend it wiser than the government could do in its wildest dreams.

Select city officials in Denver despise me. Good! The cops hate me with a passion, especially when I consistently remind them they can’t get anything done with full-time outreach coordinators collecting big salaries to house people. They’re on a mission right now to prosecute me. I never mind that challenge. But it is by design. A tactical approach to redirect my attention and resources. I’m in court this coming Monday, Nov. 15th to again to face my municipal charge of “fail to obey” 38-31 (c) . Which is actually listed as “Interference with police authority.” I don’t obey cops when engaged in peaceful protest of unconstitutional government force. They obey me. They work for me. They have things backward. They’re oath breakers. I’ll take this charge to trial and once again we shall see what a jury of my peers has to say while your tax dollars are being spent to prosecute me and house no one.

They are claiming “fail to obey” 38-31 (c) happened during one or the other of the videos, As you can see I never even went past the prison fence FOR THE PUBLIC to protect GANG activity.

I’m also caught in a major controversy with other activists, with some homeless that don’t like me and other citizens that are very interested in ending my life as well as homeless lives. There are some VERY angry people out there. The police, when they’re supposed to do the actual job they swore to do? They’re busy denying me entrance into their public meetings to discuss neighborhood issues and crime stats-that don’t include anything having to do with the homeless community. I have officially, IN WRITING, been banned from attending the Denver PD District 4 commanders public online meeting held monthly. They’re cool with people dying because I’m “disrupting” their meetings, according to the commander of district 4. They didn’t charge me with any crime, simply told me that due to my behavior I can no longer attend their meeting. They’re pissed because I make them look dumb. They are dumb. They HATE my speech. They HATE a free country. Police holding secret meetings, free of activists? Say it isn’t so. Is this a partisan issue? Think long and hard on that deal if you must. How many people from the homeless population in that police district have they housed with tax dollars directly designated to do so? Zero. They did manage to criminalize several of them though.

Denver Police Commander Advisory Board Meetings” closed from public, the opinions that matter are locked out.

Regan Benson

At any rate: this work is grueling but so very satisfying when I take excellent care of my mental and physical health. I’m making very good things happen for people in despair that are all too often just missing one small component of support.

I often get accused of being an enabler. I was conversing with someone who told me I have good intuition on this ever so challenging task of NOT being an enabler. This is how I responded in that conversation:

“It is hard, no argument there. I’m an enabler for acting on people having a basic right to survive free of prosecution, eat and be warm AND simultaneously an enabler of government if I want the justice system to work the way it was designed AND an enabler for ignoring homeless on homeless crime AND I’m not enough extreme left or right political philosophy AND I’m an authoritarian for recognizing actions have consequences AND I’m an evil capitalist AND…. I can act on it all and say I tried my best. That’s all I care about at the end of the day.”

This is where I’m at going into the end of this year and into another harsh winter of direct street outreach with the homeless. If you want to help, please donate. Unlike the government, I’ll take your $1 and provide you with a return on investment that will cost you $1000 when depending on the government. I’ll even double down and actually accomplish something with your $1.


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